What's the Hakuyosha difference?

You can feel and see the advantages of using Hakuyosha Clean Living for your dry cleaning and laundry needs. Hakuyosha is recognized as Hawaii's quality cleaner. We give you the gentlest care possible so you can enjoy your garments longer. Our skills and advanced technology combine to help your whites look whiter and colors brighter. Textures feel almost like new. In addition, our hand touchups give you that unbeatable fashion finish press. We're sure you'll be very pleased with our reasonably priced detailed cleaning and care.

Since 1906

Much of the satisfaction customers feel comes from Hakuyosha's legacy. Hakuyosha is a part of Hakuyosha Company, Ltd. Since 1906, Hakuyosha Company has been an international pioneer in the advancement of dry cleaning, and laundry services including uniform, linen, household items cleaning, and silk spotting and cleaning. High levels of scientific skills and a spirit of service make Hakuyosha Company one of the world's foremost cleaning companies.

What is a Sanitone® Master DryCleaner?

Sanitone is a highly advanced cleaning system that is recommended by many top clothiers and designers such as Calvin Klein, Catalina, Pendleton, Jones of New York, Pierre Cardin, and Land's End. Because of these prestigious endorsements, only the best cleaners are selected and allowed to use the Sanitone system. Hakuyosha is Hawaii's exclusive Sanitone Master DryCleaner.

Aren't all cleaners using the same chemistry?

Hakuyosha is the only cleaner in Honolulu that offers the advantages and flexibility of three cleaning solutions. Included is the exclusive use in Hawaii of the well-regarded Sanitone system which includes biodegradable cleaners and recyclable solutions.

Hakuyosha is the third company in the U.S. and the first in Hawaii to offer Green Earth®, a natural, perc-free chemistry that is extremely gentle and produces outstanding results. As impressive as Green Earth is, Hakuyosha went a step further by acquiring advanced European technology with which to maximize the potential of Green Earth's breakthrough chemistry.

Because of this variety of cleaning chemistry and advanced technology, we can give the most appropriate care to each garment. In other words, in Hawaii, Hakuyosha can clean the greatest variety of garments and clean them more safely and effectively.

Can I trust Hakuyosha?

Hakuyosha is one of Hawaii's most trusted cleaners. Beside reliably serving our residents, Hakuyosha regularly cares for very unique and expensive garments belonging to visiting heads of state, internationally renowned entertainers, and other VIPs. Hakuyosha also cleans one-of-a-kind theatrical costumes for local and international touring companies, and treasured Hawaiian quilts for galleries and local families. Hakuyosha is the cleaner of choice for valet cleaning services provided by many of Oahu's high-end hotels. When the need is for trustworthy quality at reasonable prices, we have been extremely pleased to be able to serve the needs of so many.

What about my preferred or very expensive garments?

For special garments, Hakuyosha offers high-attention, extremely detailed Hakuyosha Royal cleaning at our plant store at 730 Sheridan Steet, Honolulu. Hakuyosha Royal is Hawaii's first premium cleaning service.

Other questions?

Please call 955-6116 with any questions whether about your garments, our services, or our store locations and hours. Or, drop by any of our convenient stores.